Projects handled by Cierto Control And Solutions in Chemical Industry :

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Case Study:

ERP Connectivity

Lubrizol Pvt. Ltd., Turbhe (Thane):

Lubrizol Pvt. Ltd. located in Turbhe, Thane is a fluid technology company concentrating on high performance chemicals, systems and services for industry and transportation. The company had a requirement of modern monitoring and control system for their installed tanks. The company has eleven branches all over the world. Cierto Control And Solutions fulfilled the client requirement and successfully automated the plant. The main components of the system are PC-based supervisory control and data acquisition system.

The Challenge:

Lubrizol Pvt. Ltd. required automatic monitor and control of their installed tanks status and ERP connectivity in order to improve their plant efficiency. Our goal was to find a cost effective solution with round the clock reliability and regulatory compliance.

The Solution:

Cierto Control And Solutions installed INDUSOFT SCADA to overcome the above challenge, using ADAM2 inbuilt driver to pull the data from ADAM 4000 family DI /DO modules connected to the tanks and OPC driver to push the data into SAAB TANK the third party software in order to monitor the tank status and for tank data manipulations and vice-versa. The calculated data was pulled into INDUSOFT SCADA through OPC driver in order to keep record of the system parameters like fluid volume, density to improve the system performance and for auditing purpose. For reporting the calculated data was pushed into ERP using ODBC feature of INDUSOFT SCADA

INDUSOFT provides safe, cost-effective and reliable control over plant processes. An INDUSOFT solution ensures continuous monitoring and control of plant operations.

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