Machine controls, Packaging, Palletizing, Material handling, similar Sequential task as well as Process control

  • They are fast and designed for the rugged industrial environment.
  • They are attractive on Cost-Per-Point Basis.
  • These Devices are less proprietary.( Eg : Using Open Bus Interface.)
  • These Systems are upgraded to add more Intelligence and Capabilities with dedicated PID and Ethernet Modules.
  • TTF13AA

Cierto Control And Solutions (I) LLP (CSIL) strives to advance the technologies of Industrial computing through MARKET awareness, strict operating guide lines, and a strong desire to fulfill the needs of our clients.


Rich features and flexible system configuration in a compact size.The MELSEC-F series PLC incorporates power supply, CPU, and I/Os into a single compact unit.Meets the needs of a variety of user applications with options for I/O, analog, positioning, and open network expansion.


MELSEC-Q Series: its powerful presence guides the Q Series to the top, where no PLC has ever been before.With its nano-order speed basic command processes, the next generation MELSEC-Q Series dramatically improves system and machine performance. As equipment and manufacturing facilities continue to evolve on a daily basis, the series enables high-speed, high-accuracy and large volume data processing and machine control.


The MELSEC-L Series will innovate and evolve your production site.Its site perspective achieves excellent ease-of-use.The MELSEC-L Series has been designed based on a passion for monozukuri (creation), trustworthy technology and reliability. This concept also applies to system installation and operation. With various I/O functions as standard inclusions, the MELSEC-L Series serves to improve work efficiency by realizing convenience, ease-of-use, and diverse control.

Nexgenie Series PLC

Keeping in tandem with the ever-changing market demands, Mitsubishi Electric India introduces Nexgenie 1000 PLC with ultra-fast CPU. With a technologically compact design, it is devised for exceptional performance and hassle free functionality. Embedded with innumerable features, it is equipped to address a wide range of industrial applications.

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