Report Manager is powerful tools which facilitate user to print and generate customize report with configurable data selection, filters, graphic representation & much more…


Easy Configuration:

  • User friendly configuration for any selected database.
  • Enables user work simple and fast ultimately reducing development time and efforts for report generation.


  • Supports five mostly used databases in Industry : CSV, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

Report Type:

  • Three types of reports : Batch, Date time and Shift Report.

OPC Client

OPC DA client incorporated for:

  • Report printing on trigger.
  • Printing of OPC Server values.
  • Selection of report storage path.
  • User can generate report from SCADA based on : Events , Time or alarm using SCADA as OPC Server.

Report Format:

  • HTML: user can get web compatible (HTML)
  • PDF : Un-editable Report Format (PDF)
  • Excel: Enable mathematical functions on generated report (Excel-Password protection optional)

Project Save/Load

  • Project save and load feature. User can configure report in house and load the project directly to site PC by changing database.

Template in Microsoft Excel

  • Templates are prepared in Microsoft Excel which are easy to configure and most widely used and accepted advanced tool.
  • User can password-protect their Microsoft Excel Templates making them templates un-editable.


Report Manager utility:

  • Report Manager utility is used for configuration of reports, this utility is password protected for opening any configuration making it secure.

Report Generation utility:

  • Report Generation utility used only for report generation.
  • User without any knowledge of report configuration can use this utility to generate report.
  • No configuration permitted in this utility.
  • Generation tool automatically shows user’s selected batch name, batch start time and batch stop time in batch report for easy selection of batch.

Types Of Chart (Five)

  • Pie, Line, Bar, Column, XY(Scatter): Five types of charts are used in report manager for easy analysis and representation of generated report data. Each chart is used to represent different type of data.

Report Storage Name and Path Selection

  • Generated report will be saved as template name with date and time of report generation. In case of Batch Report, user can select generated report to be stored as batch name with date and time of report generation. (i.e. If the template name is REPORT1 and report generation date and time is 2017-01-01 00:00:00 then report will be saved as REPORT1-2017-01-01 00:00:00).
  • User can store report in corresponding year and month folder depending upon date and time of report generation.
  • User can save report in any PC or server on network.

Flexible Licensing

  • Report Manager is licensed on tag bases where your one tag corresponds to one independent variable.
  • Demo License: Report Manager Default comes with 8 hours demo period which is free of cost.
  • Temporary License: Temporary license can be provided for requested hours if you want more time to evaluate the product.
  • Lifetime License: Lifetime license is full license which runs unlimited time on one machine for which it is licensed.

Dream Report is the first programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. It is designed to be the simplest solution for extracting data from virtually any data source and Dream Report will provide automated reports to anybody, anywhere and any time.

Built on today’s modern technologies, Dream Report fits perfectly for all types of reporting, from compliance reporting to performance, efficiency, and maintenance reporting in discrete, hybrid and process automation markets. Dream Report makes information gathering and formatting so simple, you’ll be generating the Reports you want, not just the reports that you absolutely need… Dream Report is setting the new paradigm.”

New Features

  • Interactive Dashboards with Drilldown and Filtering
  • Custom Objects Builder – Gantt Chart, Circular Chart and Other Object Examples
  • MQTT Real-time Driver
  • XML Report Output Format
  • Cost Calculator for Utilities Billing and Energy Accounting
  • On-line Electronic Signature
  • OPC DA Analytics Data Server
  • System Driver for Diagnostic Analytics
  • API Toolkit for Connector Plug-in Development
  • Tested with Windows Embedded 7 (SP-1), 8, 10, 10 (IOT)
  • Server 2019 Support
  • Web Portal Performance and Refresh
  • Advanced ODBC Historical Alarms Driver
  • Dynamic Alarm Filtering (ISA 18.2)

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