Projects in Sugar Plant handled by Cierto Control And Solutions:

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Case Study:

Moharani Sugar Plant- Kenya

In this sugar we have automized all the plants,Boiler Section-3 Elements control Water level SteamMill Section-Zero Mill canePan Section-PAN A,PAN B,PAN C,Juice Heater,Brix control,pH control-pH control,Oz analyzer,PRDS,controlling we have done using PCS and monitoring SCADA system

Automation systems for Sugar Plant

  • Auto Cane Feed Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Milling Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Mill Over load Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Mill D. Chute Flapper Control (DCS/PLC)
  • Imbibitions Control System (DCS/PLC/)
  • Differential Pressure Control System (DCS/PLC/)
  • Automation of PAN Feed Control System (DCS/PLC/)
  • Boiler Automation Control System (DCS/PLC/)
  • Auto Lime Dosing System (DCS/PLC/)
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Roller Lift Indicator (Digital)
  • System Flow Meter cum Totalizer
  • Water Flow Meter With Totalizer
  • Juice Flow Stabilization System (DCS/PLC/.
  • Automation of P.R.D Station (DCS/PLC/)
  • Automation of De-Super Heating System
  • Automation of Molasses receiving Tank (PLC/DCS based Three Loop Control System)
  • Condensate Water Conductivity Control System
  • Mill House Bearing Temp. Indicating System
  • Centrifugal Machine Automation (DCS/PLC)

The system included PC based SCADA system which was connected to 3 Scanner devices and 24 PID controllers. The data was pulled from the plants into SCADA through scanners and PID controllers using Modbus RTU inbuilt driver. Tamper proof Electronic reports are generated through INDUSOFT SCADA to provide cross check and auditing for improving system performance.

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